Brewers Opening Day Notes


Not the greatest of days for Wisconsin sports fans yesterday. Here’s a few stat notes from the Brewers 10-0 loss to Colorado on Opening Day. As I mentioned to a friend, I would have never thought that the Brewers would lose by more than the Badgers. Oh well.

* The 10-run defeat yesterday was not the Brewers worst Opening Day loss. That happened in 1970 when the Brewers, who had just moved from Seattle, opened their ’70 season and on Opening Day in the first game as the Brewers, lost 12-0 to California. Yesterday was the third double-digit Opening day loss in the team’s history; they also lost 10-0 on Opening Day in 1973 to the Orioles. Yesterday was also the third time the Brewers have been shutout on Opening Day; they lost 3-0 in 1977 to the New York Yankees.

* Starting pitcher Kyle Lohse lasted only 3 1/3 innings in the contest. He was the seventh starting pitcher in Brewers history to last less than four innings on Opening Day. It was not the shortest starting stint on Opening Day for a Brewers pitcher; that honor belongs to Rafael Roque who started Opening Day in 1999 and lasted only two innings. Here’s a look at those Brewers starting pitchers that lasted less than four innings on Opening Day:
2015: Kyle Lohse, 3.1 innings
2012: Yovani Gallardo, 3.2 innings
2004: Ben Sheets, 3.1 innings
1999: Rafael Roque, 2.0 innings
1975: Jim Slaton, 2.2 innings
1974: Jim Colborn, 2.2 innings
1970; Lew Krausse, 3.0 innings

* Newly-acquired first baseman Adam Lind had three hits in the game. He became the 21st Brewer player to get three or more hits on Opening Day for the Brewers since 1970. Last Brewers player to do so was Carlos Gomez in 2010 when he had four hits on Opening Day. Gomez is one of four Brewers players to have four hits on Opening Day; the others: Jose Valentin (1996), Chuckie Carr (1996) and Dave Nilsson (1994). Only one Brewers player has had three or more hits on Opening Day twice. The player? Jim Gantner. He did it in 1984 and 1987.

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