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Are the Brewers headed for another 94-loss season?

Brewers win

With their victory Saturday night, the Brewers got their first win of the season and in the process became the last major league team to win a game in 2015.

While the victory may be good news, being the last team to win a game in 2015 may not be a good omen. Consider this: The last time the Brewers were the last National League team to get a victory to start the season was in 2003 when they started 0-6 before getting that first win. The team ended that season 68-94. The last time the Brewers were the last of all MLB teams to get a win in a season was in 1984; they started the year 0-5 and then got their first victory. The team’s record that season? 67-94.

Let’s look at the teams that were the last to win a game in each season from 2005-2014 (last 10 seasons).

* Only three of the 10 made the playoffs that season (Philadelphia, 2006; Tampa Bay, 2011; L.A. Angels, 2014).

* Only one, L.A. Angels last season, won their division.

* Only four of the 10 had a winning record.

* The average wins by these teams was 76.7 in a season. The fewest wins was Washington’s 59 in 2009.

* Six of the of the 10 teams finished in either fourth of fifth place in their division that season.

As you can see, being the last team to win a game in an MLB season can be a precursor to a less-than-successful season. Time will tell if the Brewers can turn their season around, but early signs (and stats for teams that are the last to win a game in a season) indicate a long 2015 for the Brewers.

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