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Brewers dominate these teams at home

Miller Park

Miller Park

Brewers fans are hopeful that past history will be a good omen for the first week of the 2015 season.

Milwaukee will open their campaign with home games against the Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates. Since 1970 when the Brewers came to Milwaukee, the Brewers have a winning percentage of .600 or better at home against three opponents: Colorado, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Let’s look at the home and road winning percentages for the Brewers against the other 29 MLB teams. Specifically, let’s see which teams the Brewers play better at home than on the road. Topping the list are the Rockies; the Brewers have a .600 winning percentage (36-24) in games at home and a .344 winning percentage (21-40) in games in Colorado. That’s a difference of .256, tops of any opponent.

Here’s a look at the home and road record of the Brewers versus each team, ranked by the biggest disparity in those contests. (All numbers are based on games from 1970-2014; does not include games in Seattle in 1969 when the franchise was known as the Seattle Pilots)

Team, Winning Pct. at home/Winning Pct. on road, Difference

Colorado… .600/.344   +.256
Houston… .571/.367   +.204
N.Y. Yankees… .564/.365   +.199
Pittsburgh… .645/.478   +.167
Washington… .590/.424   +.166
Oakland… .548/.383   +.165
San Diego… .524/.364   +.160
Philadelphia… .484/.357   +.127
Miami… .569/.469   +.100
Kansas City… .497/.409   +.088
San Francisco… .500/.414   +.086
Boston… .505/.420   +.085
Cincinnati… .515/.430   +.085
Seattle… .551/.475   +.076
Toronto… .609/.542   +.067
Minnesota… .523/.459   +.064
Chicago White Sox… .494/.438   +.056
Atlanta… .429/.377   +.052
Chicago Cubs… .533/.485 +.048
Baltimore… .447/.403   +.044
L.A. Angels… .497/.459   +.038
Cleveland… .526/.490   +.036
Detroit… .498/.463   +.035

Tampa Bay… .333/.333   .000

L.A. Dodgers… .418/.436   -.018
St. Louis… .407/.445   -.038
Texas… ..518/.558   -.040
Arizona… .474/.541   -.067
N.Y. Mets… .382/.492   -.110

The Brewers have their best overall winning percentage against the Blue Jays, winning .575 of their games against Toronto. Their best home record is against the Pirates; the Brewers have won 64.5% of their games at home against the Pirates. Their best road winning percentage is against Texas; the Brewers have a .558 winning percentage in away games versus the Rangers.

Milwaukee’s worst overall record is against Tampa Bay, although the two teams have only played nine games. The Brew Crew is 3-6 (.333) against the Rays. Take the Rays out of the equation and the worst overall record is against Atlanta. The Brewers have a paltry .402 winning percentage versus the Braves in their history. Their worst home record is versus the Mets (.382), while the worst road record is against the Rockies (.344).

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Did You Know? Final Four Edition


Here’s a look at a few stats you might not have known about the teams participating in today’s Final Four semi-final games.

Did you know?…

… This will be the 14th match-up of #1 seeds in the Final Four semi-finals since 1979 (when the NCAA went to the seeded format) and the first since 2008 when both semi-finals were games played between #1 seeds (the only year all four #1 seeds made the Final Four). Kentucky will be playing in their fifth #1 seed match-up in the Final Four semis, most of any school. They have won two and lost two of their previous games. The team that has won these #1 vs. #1 games in the semi-finals has only won the championship game five times (losing eight times).

… Wisconsin is one of nine schools to have their football team win 11 games in a season and their men’s basketball team win 30 games at least once since 2010. The others: Baylor, Louisville, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Utah State. Wisconsin is one of only three schools to have their football team win 11 games in a season and their men’s basketball team win 30 games both twice since 2010 (also Louisville and Ohio State). The Badgers, Louisville and Ohio State are the only schools to have their football team win 11 games and their men’s basketball team win 30 games in the same season. Ohio State did it in 2010 (their football team won 12 games in 2010; their men’s basketball team won 34 in 2010-11); Louisville did it in 2012 (their football team won 11 in 2012; their men’s basketball team won 35 in 2012-13); Wisconsin did it this year (their football team won 11 in 2014; their men’s basketball team has won 35 in 2014-15).

… In the 37 years since the NCAA went to a seeded format, 22 times there have been two schools from the same conference make the Final Four. This is the 22nd time with both Wisconsin and Michigan State from the Big Ten Conference making the Final Four. In the 21 times previous to this year, a school from that conference has won the championship nine times (1985-Georgetown, 1988-Kansas, 1989-Michigan, 1991-Duke, 1996-Kentucky, 2000-Michigan State, 2001-Duke, 2006-Florida, 2013-Louisville). Since 1979, the Big Ten has had two or more teams in the Final Four seven times (including this year), most of the conferences. The ACC is next with five years, followed by Big East (four times), SEC (three times), Big 12 (twice) and Big Eight (once). Michigan State and Wisconsin both made the Final Four from the Big Ten in 2000 with Michigan State winning the title that year.

… Michigan State and Duke have each lost five times in the Final Four semi-finals. Kentucky has lost three times and Wisconsin twice in the national semis. North Carolina tops the list with nine semi-final losses in the Final Four followed by Louisville with seven. Both Kansas and UCLA have lost five times in the Final Four semis.

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