Brewers make managerial change after only 25 games

Roenicke lasts only 25 games as Brewers manager in 2015

Roenicke lasts only 25 games as Brewers manager in 2015

For the Milwaukee Brewers brass, 25 games into the 2015 season (and losing 18 of those games) was enough to show them that a change needed to be made at manager. It appears that Ron Roenicke, who led the Brew Crew to 95 wins and a playoff appearance in his first season in 2011, will be replaced by Craig Counsell.

Roenicke survived only the first 25 games of the season, but it was not the fastest managerial firing at the start of the season in the franchise history. In 2002, 15 games into his third season at the helm of the Brewers, Davey Lopes was fired after a 3-12 start and replaced by Jerry Royster, who finished out the season. Here’s a look at the fastest manager firings by the Brewers:

15 games: Davey Lopes (3-12 record) fired in 2002
25 games: Ron Roenicke (7-18 record) fired in 2015
30 games: Dave Bristol (10-20 record) fired in 1972
47 games: Buck Rodgers (23-24 record) fired in 1982

Roenicke becomes the 10th MLB manager to last 25 games or less to start a season since 1980. A pair of those managers lasted only six games into a season: In 1988 Cal Ripken was fired by the Baltimore Orioles after going 0-6 to start the campaign; in 2002, Phil Garner suffered a similar fate after the Detroit Tigers lost their first six games of the season.

Following are the managers who since 1980 have lost their jobs the quickest after the start of the season (25 games or less).

1981: Maury Wills, Seattle (fired after 24 games; team started 6-18)
1982: Bob Lemon, New York Yankees (fired after 14 games; team started 6-8)
1985: Yogi Berra, New York Yankees (fired after 16 games; team started 6-10)
1988: Cal Ripken, Baltimore (fired after six games; team started 0-6)
1991: Nick Leyva, Philadelphia (fired after 13 games; team started 4-9)
2001: Larry Rothschild, Tampa Bay (fired after 14 games; team started 4-10)
2002: Buddy Bell, Colorado (fired after 22 games; team started 6-16)
2002: Phil Garner, Detroit (fired after six games; team started 0-6)
2002: Tony Muser, Kansas City (fired after 23 games; team started 8-15)
2015: Ron Roenicke, Milwaukee (fired after 25 games; team started 7-18)

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