Is Jon Lester the worst hitter in MLB history? Today he is!


After eight-plus seasons in Boston and a short stint in Oakland, Jon Lester became a free agent last year and eventually signed with the Chicago Cubs. Lester was one of the most sought-after free agents last year as a three-time all-star, a 116-67 pitching career record and three World Series victories. One thing, however, is that Lester’s bat was not one of the aspects of his game that attracted potential suitors in the off-season.

Lester went 0-for-three last night in the Cubs’ 5-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Big deal, right? Well with his 0-f0r-three night Lester is now 0-for-57 in his career as a batter. Add in an 0-for-five in post-season appearances at the plate and Lester has 62 career at-bats in his major league career without a hit.

Lester’s 57 at-bats in the regular season without a hit are currently the most of any player in MLB history. Of course, should Lester scratch out a hit in the near future his name will disappear from this list. But for now, Lester is the worst hitter in MLB history.

Following are the players who have had the most at-bats in MLB history without ever getting a hit.

Most career at-bats without a hit (last season they played in the majors)

57: Jon Lester (active)

41: Randy Tate (1975)

37: Tony McKnight (2001), Bo McLaughlin (1982)

31: Armando Galarraga (2012), Ted Davidson(1968), Charley Stanceu (1946)

29: Jose Contreras (2013), Andy Hassler (1985)

26: Daniel Carbrera (2009), Tony Pierce (1968), Von McDaniel (1958), Harry Ables (1911)

23: Brandon Morrow (active), Larry Littleton (1981), Mike Potter (1977), Nellie King (1957)

21: Carl Bouldin (1964)

20: Geraldo Guzman (2001), Eral Stephenson (1978), Dad Hale (1902)

* Of the players listed above, all are/were pitchers except for Littleton and Potter



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