SIX STATS you may not know about… 2014 NBA Draft choices


Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins

This past Thursday 60 players were drafted in the 2015 NBA Draft. Last year, the same number of players were drafted by the 30 NBA teams in two rounds. Here’s a look at six stats you may not know about the players who were drafted in 2014 and their performances in their first year in the NBA (2014-15 season).

1. Of the 60 players drafted in 2014, 15 played in 50 or more NBA games in the 2014-15 season. Three players played in all 82 games: Andrew Wiggins (#1 pick of Cleveland who was traded and played for Minnesota this past season); Dante Exum (#5 pick of Utah); and Elfrid Payton (#10 pick of Philadelphia who was traded to and played for Orlando this season). Wiggins played the most minutes of any player selected in the 2014 draft with 2,969.

2. Four of the 60 players drafted averaged 10 or more points for the season. Wiggins led the group with a 16.9 average. He was followed by Jabari Parker (#2 pick of the Bucks) at 12.3 points per game, Jordan Clarkson (the #46 pick of Washington who was traded and played for the Lakers) at 11.9/ppg, and Zach LaVine (the #13 pick of the Timberwolves) who averaged 10.1/ppg. Twenty-eight of the 60 players drafted scored at least 100 points in the 2014-15 season.

3. Jusuf Nurkic led those players in the 2014 draft with 382 rebounds. He was drafted 16th by the Bulls and was traded and played for Denver in 2014-15. Elfrid Payton led 2014 draftees with 533 assists.

4. Three players from the 2014 draft ended their first season in the NBA with at least 200 points, 200 assists and 200 rebounds: Zach LaVine, Eldrid Payton and Marcus Short, the sixth pick of the Boston Celtics.

5. Forty-two of the 60 players drafted in the 2014 NBA Draft played in the league last year. Of the 18 that did not play in the NBA last season, four were drafted in the first round, 14 were second-round selections. The four first-rounders who did not play in the NBA last year: Joel Embiid (the third overall pick of Philadelphia who missed the whole season due to an injury); Darro Saric (the #12 overall pick by Orlando who played professionally in Turkey); Bogdan Bogdanovic (the 27th overall pick of Phoenix who played professionally in Turkey); and Josh Huestis (the 29th pick of Oklahoma City who played in the NBA-D League).

6. Three second-rounders scored 400 or more points last season in the NBA: K.J. McDaniels (the #32 pick who was drafted by Philadelphia and scored 487 for the 76ers and Houston); Jerami Grant (the #39 pick  of the 76ers who scored 411 points for the team); and Jordan Clarkson (the #46 pick who scored 703 points for the Lakers in 2014-15).

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