MLB post-season wins this century


Last season the Kansas City Royals fell one game short of winning the World Series, their first post-season appearance since 1985. In the process, the Royals became the 29th of the current 30 MLB teams to win a post-season game this century. The only team without a post-season win this century? Toronto. The Blue Jays have not won a post-season game (or even appeared in the post-season) since 1993.

In the 15 seasons since the start of this century, five MLB franchises have won at least one post-season game in a post-season five or more times. They are: New York Yankees (12 seasons with at least one post-season win since 2000), St. Louis (10 seasons), Oakland (seven post-seasons), Atlanta (seven post-seasons), San Francisco (six post-seasons) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (five post-seasons with at least one win since 2000).

Although the Yankees have the most seasons since 2000 with at least one win, they are not the team with the most post-season wins since 2000. That title belongs to the Cardinals; they have won 64 post-season games since 2000. The Yankees are second on the list with 62 post-season wins.

Following are the number of post-season wins for each MLB franchise since 2000.

64: St. Louis
62: New York Yankees
46: San Francisco
45: Boston
27: Philadelphia
25: Detroit
21: Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels
18: Texas
16: Arizona
15: Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland
14: New York Mets
13: Atlanta, Houston, Tampa Bay
12: Chicago White Sox
11: Miami/Florida, Kansas City
9: Seattle
8: Cleveland, Colorado
6: Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, Minnesota
3: Pittsburgh, Washington/Montreal
2: Cincinnati
1: San Diego
0: Toronto

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