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Will Brewers’ bats be missed at this year’s All-Star Game?


The lone Brewers’ representative for this year’s All-Star Game will be closer Francisco Rodriguez. The National League may regret not adding a Brewer bat like Adam Lind, Gerardo Parra or even Ryan Braun to this year’s squad.

Over the last five All-Star Games, players representing the Milwaukee Brewers have been the most productive of the 30 MLB teams. Need proof? Here’s a look at the number of All-Star Game hits and RBIs from players representing each of the 30 MLB teams in the last five ASG (2010-14).

7: Milwaukee, St. Louis
5: Detroit, NY Yankees
4: Atlanta, Boston, LA Angeles, NY Mets, San Francisco, Texas
3: LA Dodgers
2: Baltimore, Colorado, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto
1: Arizona, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Kansas City, Oakland, Philadelphia
0: Chicago Cubs, Miami, San Diego, Seattle, Washington

6: Milwaukee, San Francisco
4: Atlanta
2: Detroit, LA Angels
1: Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Houston, LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toronto
0: Arizona, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati, Colorado, Kansas City, Miami, Minnesota, NY Mets, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Texas, Washington

Brewers players are one of 10 teams that have a All-Star Game batting average over .300 in the past five All-Star Games. The Brewers are seven-for-21, a .333 average. The other teams: Atlanta (four-for-13 .308), LA Angels (four-for-12 .333), LA Dodgers (three-for-nine .333), Minnesota (two-for-six .333), NY Mets (four-for-10 .400), NY Yankees (five-for-16 .313), San Francisco (four-for-10 .400), St. Louis (seven-for-20 .350), Tampa Bay (two-for-five .400).

Of the five teams listed above that did not have a hit in an All-Star Game from 2010-14, the Chicago Cubs and Washington have had the longest drought at the ASG. Both the Cubs and Nationals have not had a hit from one of their players in the All-Star Game since 2007. The Marlins and Padres have not had an All-Star Game hit since 2008; the Mariners have not had a hit in the ASG since 2009.

One final note: The Royals this year will have four players in the starting line-up for the American League. Hopefully they can tack on a few ASG hits considering that the Royals bats have been virtually absent over the past several years. Consider this: KC’s Salvador Perez got a hit in the 2013 ASG for the Royals. It was the first hit for a Royals player in the All-Star Game since Bo Jackson had a pair of hits in the 1989 ASG.

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MLB post-season wins this century


Last season the Kansas City Royals fell one game short of winning the World Series, their first post-season appearance since 1985. In the process, the Royals became the 29th of the current 30 MLB teams to win a post-season game this century. The only team without a post-season win this century? Toronto. The Blue Jays have not won a post-season game (or even appeared in the post-season) since 1993.

In the 15 seasons since the start of this century, five MLB franchises have won at least one post-season game in a post-season five or more times. They are: New York Yankees (12 seasons with at least one post-season win since 2000), St. Louis (10 seasons), Oakland (seven post-seasons), Atlanta (seven post-seasons), San Francisco (six post-seasons) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (five post-seasons with at least one win since 2000).

Although the Yankees have the most seasons since 2000 with at least one win, they are not the team with the most post-season wins since 2000. That title belongs to the Cardinals; they have won 64 post-season games since 2000. The Yankees are second on the list with 62 post-season wins.

Following are the number of post-season wins for each MLB franchise since 2000.

64: St. Louis
62: New York Yankees
46: San Francisco
45: Boston
27: Philadelphia
25: Detroit
21: Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels
18: Texas
16: Arizona
15: Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland
14: New York Mets
13: Atlanta, Houston, Tampa Bay
12: Chicago White Sox
11: Miami/Florida, Kansas City
9: Seattle
8: Cleveland, Colorado
6: Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, Minnesota
3: Pittsburgh, Washington/Montreal
2: Cincinnati
1: San Diego
0: Toronto

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The worst record in the majors

Philly loss

With three straight wins over Philadelphia, the Milwaukee Brewers have put some distance between them and the Phillies in the “race” for the worst record in baseball. The Phils are 27-53 (a .338 winning percentage) and the Brewers are 32-48 (.400), the second-worst record in the majors.

Since the Brewers came to Milwaukee in 1970, the Brewers have never had the worst record in baseball in a season. Even with some very lean times for the franchise, the Brew Crew are one of only seven franchises to have not had the worst record (or tied for worst record) in a season since 1970. The others: Boston, Cincinnati, Colorado Los Angeles Angels, New York Yankees and St. Louis.

Should the Phillies end the season with the MLB’s worst record it would be the second time for the franchise since 1970. In 2000, the Phillies and Cubs tied for the worst record in baseball (65-97, .401). The franchise with the most worst-record seasons in the majors since 1970 is Detroit. The Tigers have had the worst (or tied for the worst) record in baseball five times since 1970.

Here’s a look at the number of times/seasons each franchise has had the worst record in baseball since 1970.

Five: Detroit

Four: Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto

Three: Cleveland, Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington (includes one season as the Montreal Expos)

Two: Arizona, San Diego, Texas

One: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Florida/Miami, Kansas City, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco

None: Boston, Cincinnati, Colorado, Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee, St. Louis

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