Packers Preview: Stats you need to know… The Team (Part One)

250 Stats GB Fans 1

Over the next weeks until the 2015 NFL season starts on September 10, I will be posting some stats from my book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know.” It is now available in ebook form through Amazon and Barnes and Noble; cost is $9.99. Printed copies should be available in a couple of weeks.

68 The Packers in 2014 fell four points short of setting the team record for most points scored at Lambeau Field in a regular season. They ended the 2014 season with 318 points at home, an average of 39.8 points per game. The team record is 321 points scored by the 2011 Packers. The 2014 Packers became the fourth team in NFL history to score 300 or more points at home in a season, joining the 2011 New Orleans Saints (329 points), the 2011 Packers (321 points) and the 2013 Denver Broncos (316 points).

71 The last time the Packers lost three straight games in a season was 2008. Only the New England Patriots have a longer stretch of avoiding a three-game losing streak in a season… they have not lost three in a row in a season since 2002.

77 With touchdowns by rookie wide receiver Davante Adams and fellow first-year player tight end Richard Rodgers in 2014, the Packers have had at least one rookie score a TD every season since 2004.

87 The Packers are 128-70-1 (.646) on Sundays since 2000; they are 23-18 (.561) in non-Sunday games this century.

93 The Packers are one of seven teams that have a .650 winning percentage or better in games after their bye week. The NFL went to a bye week format in 1990; since that year, the Pack is 17-9 in games after the bye (.654 winning percentage). The other six teams with a .650 or better winning percentage in games after the bye week since 1990: Baltimore, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota and Philadelphia. It’s interesting to note that the Packers seem to play a little better after the bye week depending on when they had that bye. Case in point: Green Bay is 4-5 in games after the bye if their bye was in Weeks 3-6; if, however, their bye was in weeks 7-10, the Packers are 13-4. Here are the Packers win-loss records in games after the bye based on the week they had their bye.

Bye Week, Next Game Record
Week #3: 0-1
Week #4: 2-0
Week #5: 1-1
Week #6: 1-3
Week #7: 4-2
Week #8: 5-2
Week #9: 2-0
Week #10: 2-0

100 Here’s a handful of stats regarding offensive drives in the 2014 season that you may find interesting…
* The Packers had 26 drives of 10 plays or more in the 2014 season, scoring on 22 of them (85%). They scored 11 TDs, 11 field goals, turned the ball over on downs three times, and had one pass intercepted in those 10-plus play drives.
* Green Bay was the only team to score on 50% (rounded off from 49.7%) of their drives in 2014; the Pack scored 79 times in 159 drives.
* The Packers punted on only 31% of their drives, lowest percentage in the league.
* Green Bay had 159 drives in their 16 regular season games in ’14, fewest drives in the NFL.
* The Pack started 82 drives at their 20 or inside their own 20. They eventually scored on 36 of those drives (445), the highest percentage in the league. New England was second with 37%.
* In their first drives of the 16 regular season games in 2014, the Packers had six TDs, punted five times, kicked two field goals, fumbled twice, and turned the ball over on downs once. They were one of five teams in 2014 to score on at least half of their first drives (San Francisco did it in nine games; the Packers. Eagles, Broncos and Redskins each scored on their first drive in eight of their 16 contests).

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