Is this Brewers team in danger of being the worst in franchise history?


Recently a friend of mine asked, “Is there a possibility that this year’s Brewers’ team could be the worst in team history?

Well, when you are 20 games under .500 and have one of the worst records in the majors, there is bound to be talk about just how bad the team is and how it compares to previous teams. To answer the question, let’s look at some numbers.

As of Friday, August 14, the Brewers are 48-68, a .414 winning percentage. If the season ended today, that would be tied for the fifth worst winning percentage in franchise history. The worst season was in 2002 when the team was 56-106 (a .346 winning percentage). The Brewers would have to finish 7-39 to reach that level of futility.

Here’s a look at the five worst winning percentages in the Brewers franchise history.

Season, Record, winning percentage
2002: 56-106 .346
1969: 64-98-1 .395 (as the Seattle Pilots)
1970: 65-97-1 .401
1976: 66-95 .410
1977: 67-95 .414

There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of what other teams have experienced. One quick example: In 2013, the Houston Astros were 51-111 (a .315 winning percentage). It was their worst season in team history. Less than two years later, the Astros are 62-53 and leading the American League West.

Let’s take a look at the year that each of the current 30 franchises had their worst season (via winning percentage).

Arizona: 2004
Atlanta: 1935 (as the Boston Braves). As the Atlanta Braves: 1988
Baltimore: 1939 (as the St. Louis Browns) As the Baltimore Orioles: 1988
Boston: 1932
Chicago Cubs: 1962 and 1966
Chicago White Sox: 1932
Cincinnati: 1934
Cleveland: 1914
Colorado: 2012
Detroit: 2003
Houston: 2013
Kansas City: 2005
L.A. Angels: 1980
L.A. Dodgers: 1905 (as the Brooklyn Superbas). As the L.A. Dodgers: 1992
Miami: 1998
Milwaukee: 2002
Minnesota: 1904 (as the Washington Senators) as the Minnesota Twins: 1982
N.Y. Mets: 1962
N.Y. Yankees: 1919 (as the N.Y. Highlanders)
Oakland: 1916 (as the Philadelphia A’s) As the Oakland A’s: 1979
Philadelphia: 1942
Pittsburgh: 1952
San Diego: 1969
San Francisco: 1902 (as the N.Y. Giants) As the San Francisco Giants: 1985
Seattle: 1978
St. Louis: 1903
Tampa Bay: 2002
Texas: 1963 (as the Washington senators) As the Texas Rangers: 1972
Toronto: 1979
Washington: 1969 (as the Montreal Expos) As the Washington Nationals: 2009

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