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“250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know” book available September 10

250 Stats GB Fans 1

Looking for a way to be a more knowledgeable Packers fan? Want to surprise family and friends with facts about the Packers that will make them envious of you?

“250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know” is an entertaining, informative and fun look at the 2014 Green Bay Packers season and past history. These stats are not your typical sports numbers… they provide insight to the 2014 Packers season (and past), addressing stats on the players, the team, coaches, opposing teams and players, and fun, off-the-wall numbers you can’t find anywhere else. For example, readers will discover:

* The stat that John Kuhn shares with only two other players in NFL history.
* The Packers win-loss record when Aaron Rodgers has more interceptions than TD passes in a game.
* How the Packers are only a .500 team in the last 15 years when they play games outside their time zone.
* How the Packers are the best NFL team when it comes to the last game of the NFL regular season.
* Based on statistics, why receiver Randall Cobb is one of the greatest runners in NFL history.

That’s just a sample of what this book contains. The overall theme of this book (and the focus on my writing and researching it) was to provide stats and numbers that readers will say, “I did not know that” when they read the 250 stats. I think this could be a great fun read for Packers fans and football fans in general.

Written by Jerry Tapp and published by Book Baby, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know” is now available in ebook format for Nook and Kindle (cost is $9.99). Printed versions of the book will be released on September 10 )cost is $12.99); Amazon and Barnes & Noble are currently accepting pre-orders for the book.


Packers Preview: Stats you need to know… Fun Stuff (Part One)

250 Stats GB Fans 1

Over the next weeks until the 2015 NFL season starts on September 10, I will be posting some stats from my book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know.” It is now available in ebook format through Amazon and Barnes and Noble (cost is $9.99). Amazon and Barnes & Noble are now accepting pre-orders for the printed versions (cost $12.99) which has a release date of September 10.

168 With their 12-4 record in 2014, the Packers remain in first place for the NFC’s best team of the century. Green Bay is 151-88-1 (.631 winning percentage) since 2000. They are six games ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have a 145-94-1 record (.606) this century, the second-best record in the NFC. The AFC has the top three teams in the race for the “NFL Team of the Century”… the New England Patriots lead the way with a 175-65 mark (.729) followed by Indianapolis, 160-80 (.667) and Pittsburgh, 154-85-1 (.644). The only other team to have a winning percentage at .600 or above since 2000 are the Baltimore Ravens (144-96, .600).

172 In the Super Bowl era (since 1966), the oldest Packer to score a touchdown was Zeke Bratkowski. He was 39 years, 355 days when he scored a TD in a game in 1971. Here are the oldest Packers to score a TD since 1966 (listed in parenthesis is the year they scored the TD):
Zeke Bratkowski, 39-355 (1971)
Bart Starr, 37-337 (1971)
Wesley Walls, 37-299 (2003)
Donald Driver, 37-269 (2012)
Donald Driver, 37-224 (2012)
Brett Favre, 37-019 (2006)
The only other Packer player age 35 or older to score a TD in a game since 1966 was Lynn Dickey.

181 Did you know that two kickers have worn number 13 as Packers? Chester Marcol and Chris Jacke.

187 Green Bay is 8-11 since 1966 in games played outdoors in temperatures 80 degrees and above. They are 31-37-1 in games played outdoors in temperatures 70 degrees and above; they are 10-8 in those home games at 70 degrees and above.

190 Jordy Nelson has the most touchdowns for the Packers this decade (2010-14) with 45. Following is a by-decade look at the Green Bay player who had the most TDs in each decade:
1920’s: Verne Lewellen, 35
1930’s: Don Hutson, 38
1940’s: Don Hutson, 67
1950’s: Bill Howton, 43
1960’s: Jim Taylor, 81
1970’s: John Brockington, 32
1980’s: James Lofton, 40
1990’s: Sterling Sharpe, 52
2000’s: Ahman Green, 68
2010’s: Jordy Nelson, 45
Don Hutson had the most TDs in the 1900’s with 105; Ahman Green has the most Green Bay TDs this century with 68.

194 Thirteen NFL teams since the 1970 merger had more field goals than touchdowns in a season when they made the playoffs. The 1972 Packers were the second team to do so with 33 field goals and 29 TDs. Following are the 13 NFL teams that since 1970 had more field goals than TDs in a playoff season:

Team, Year, Field Goals made/Touchdowns scored (playoff outcome)

San Francisco 49ers, 2011: 44/35 (lost NFC Championship Game)

Tennessee Titans, 2007: 35/28 (lost Wild Card game)

Baltimore Ravens, 2000: 35/32 (Won Super Bowl)

Miami Dolphins, 1999: 39/30 (Lost AFC divisional playoff game)

Carolina Panthers, 1996: 37/36 (Lost NFC Championship Game)

Indianapolis Colts, 1996: 36/30 (Lost Wild Card game)

Dallas Cowboys, 1996: 32/27 (Lost NFC divisional playoff game)

Los Angeles Raiders, 1993: 35/29 (Lost AFC divisional playoff game)

Detroit Lions, 1993: 34/28 (Lost Wild Card game)

Washington Redskins, 1982: 20/19 (Won Super Bowl)

Tampa Bay Bucs, 1982: 18/15 (Lost Wild Card game)

Green Bay Packers, 1972: 33/29 (Lost NFC divisional playoff game)

Washington Redskins, 1971: 29/27 (Lost NFC divisional playoff game)

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