Packers preview: Stats you need to know… Opposing teams and players

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Until the 2015 NFL season starts on September 10, I will be posting some stats from my book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know.” It is now available in ebook format through Amazon and Barnes and Noble (cost is $9.99). Amazon and Barnes & Noble are now accepting pre-orders for the printed versions (cost $12.99) which has a release date of September 10.

201 In the last 10 regular seasons (2005-14), the Packers are tied with the New Orleans Saints in allowing the most quarterbacks to have games with 400 or more passing yards. Both teams have allowed eight such games in the last 10 seasons. The eight QBs who have thrown for 400-plus yards in the last 10 years versus the Packers: Drew Brees (New Orleans, twice), Joey Harrington (Detroit), Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco), Cam Newton (Carolina), Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh), Matt Schaub (Houston) and Matthew Stafford (Detroit).

209 There are seven quarterbacks in NFL history with 300 or more career touchdown passes. The Packers faced two of them in 2014, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Here’s a look at how well (win-loss record) each of these seven QBs have done in games versus the Packers:
Peyton Manning (530 TD passes) 1-2 against the Packers
Brett Favre (508 TD Passes) 2-2 against the Packers
Dan Marino (420 TD passes) 5-1 against the Packers
Drew Brees (396 TD passes) 3-3 against the Packers
Tom Brady (392 TD passes) 2-2 against the Packers
Fran Tarkenton (342 TD passes) 13-14-1 against the Packers
John Elway (300 TD passes) 2-1-1 against the Packers

213 The Packers had an unblemished season at Lambeau Field in 2014; they went 8-0 during the regular season and defeated the Cowboys in their only home playoff appearance for the 2014 post-season. Here’s a look at the last time (the year) each of the other 31 NFL franchises defeated the Packers in Green Bay:
Never: Baltimore, Denver (they did play a tie game in Green Bay)
1949: Arizona
1984: San Diego (this is the only loss the Packers have to the Chargers: they are 9-1 vs. San Diego)
1987: Oakland
1988: Indianapolis, Washington
1991: Buffalo, Detroit
1999: Seattle
2003: Kansas City
2004: Jacksonville, Tennessee
2005: Cleveland, Tampa Bay
2006: New England, New Orleans, New York Jets. St. Louis
2008: Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas, Houston (the only game the Texans have played in Green Bay)
2009: Cincinnati, Minnesota (they tied the Pack in a game in 2013)
2010: Miami
2012: New York Giants
2013: Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
2014: San Francisco (2013 playoff game played 1/5/2014)

216 Trivia Time: Can you name the seven current NFL franchises that Aaron Rodgers has not thrown three (or more) TD passes against in a game? Rodgers in 2014 had a three-TD game against the Eagles, the 24th team in his career that he has at least three TD passes in a game. In his 112 starts as Green Bay quarterback, Rodgers has thrown three-plus TDs in 48 of those games (regular season and playoff). The seven teams that Rodgers does not have a game with three-plus TDs: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Kansas City, New England, Oakland and Seattle.

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