A lot of HRs… but not a lot of hits

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins

With a little over a week remaining in the 2015 MLB season, there are 57 players who have hit 20 or more home runs this season. Of those 57, six have 20-plus homers but fewer than 100 hits, and half of them play for the Astros. The six: Chris Carter (Astros), Khris Davis (Brewers), Joc Pederson (Dodgers), Colby Rasmus (Astros), Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) and Luis Valbuena (Astros).

Leading the way in this rare stat is Stanton. He has 27 homer runs and only 74 hits for the season. Of course he has not played since June 26 when he broke his hand and has played in only 74 games this season. He was well on his way to a possible 50-HR season.

Here’s a look at the six players with 20+ HRs this year with less than 100 hits.

Player, HRs/hits, batting average

Giancarlo Stanton, 27/74, .265
Joc Pederson, 25/99, .215
Khris Davis, 23/87, .244
Luis Valbuena, 22/88, .211
Colby Rasmus, 21/95, .233
Chris Carter, 20/69, .189

Considering that there is a about 10 games left in the season for most teams, Pederson and Rasmus could very well hit themselves out of this stat before the end of the season.

Looking at this stat over the course of MLB history, there are five players who hit 30 or more home runs in a season when they finished with less than 100 hits. Mark McGwire in 2000 with the Cardinals had 32 homers and only 72 hits. Five seasons prior to that, in 1995, McGwire had 39 homers and only 89 hits with the Oakland A’s.

Here are the players who in MLB history have hit 30-plus HRs in a season with less than 100 hits.

Player, year, team, HRs/hits

Rob Deer, 1992, Detroit, 32/97
Barry Bonds, 1995, San Francisco, 34/93
Mark McGwire, 1995, Oakland, 39/89
Mark McGwire, 2000, St. Louis, 32/72
Jose Valentin, 2004, Chicago White Sox, 30/97
Mark Reynolds, 2010, Arizona, 32/99

Note: Two players just missed being members of the above club; in fact, one of them missed this season. An injury has ended Yankee Mark Teixeira’s season. He finishes the year with 31 HRs and exactly 100 hits. Back in 1984 the White Sox Ron Kittle ended the year with 32 HRs and exactly 100 hits. It’s also interesting to note that Mark McGwire in his last MLB season, 2001, had 29 HRs and only 64 hits, just missing a third time on the above list by one home run.

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