Six Stats you might not know about… Ryan Tannehill’s record-tying game


Miami Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill is typically not included in the list of today’s top quarterbacks. Last Sunday, however, Tannehill wrote his name in the record book with some elite QB’s with a performance that led the Dolphins to a 44-26 win over Houston.

Here’s a few stats from that game that you may not know about Tannehill’s eye-opening numbers. He was 18-for-19 for 282 yards, four TD passes, and a perfect 158.3 Quarterback Rating (QBR).

  1. For QBs with a minimum of 15 passes attempted (going back to 1960), Tannehill joined current Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith with a pass completion percentage of 94.7, the best in NFL history. Kurt Warner is the only QB since 1960 to have a 100% completion rate in a game with the minimum of 10 pass attempts. He did it in December, 2005 as a member of the Arizona Cardinals in a 30-19 loss to Houston.
  2. Tannehill became the 13th QB since 1960 to have a 90% completion rate in a game (min. 15 pass attempts). The last QB was Tony Romo in 2014 when he was 18-for-20 (90%) in a game. Steve Young is the only QB to complete 90% of his passes in a game twice in his career (since 1960 with 15 pass attempts).
  3. Tannehill became only the second QB in history to have four TD passes, over 250 yards passing, and a pass completion rate of 90% or better in a game. Craig Morton did it in 1981 as a member of the Denver Broncos. He was 17-for-18 with 308 yards passing and four TD passes.
  4. Tannehill became the 35th QB since 1960 to have a perfect 158. 3 QBR in a game. Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner each did it three times in their careers; Tom Brady, Craig Morton and Ben Roethlisberger did it twice. Teams with quarterbacks who had a 158.3 QBR in a game (since 1960 with a minimum of 15 pass attempts) are 41-1 in those games.
  5. Tannehill became the first Miami QB to have a perfect 158.3 QBR in a game. Jay Fielder did have the highest QBR in Dolphins history at 156; he did it in a game in November 2003.
  6. Of all QBs who have completed 90% of their passes in a game, Tannehill has the second most yards passing with 282.

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Jerry Tapp is the author of the recently-published book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know”




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