Making the World Series after three sub .500 seasons… and more!


Although the New York Mets are down two games to none in the World Series, the team has already accomplished a lot just by getting into this post-season. Not many pundits had the Mets making the playoffs, let alone make it to the World Series.

To help quantify the above statements, let’s look at two stats.

  • The Mets are one of 12 teams in MLB history to have made the World Series after three or more seasons with a sub .500 record. After a .548 winning percentage in 2008 (89-73 record), the Mets went six seasons with a winning percentage under .500 for six straight years before going 90-72 and making it to the World Series this season. The 2006 Detroit Tigers hold the record for most sub. 500 season before making the World Series with 12. Here’s a look at those 12 teams that had three or more seasons under .500 before making the World Series.

Years under .500 before making World Series
12: 2006 Detroit Tigers
11: 1914 Boston Braves
10: 2008 Tampa Bay Rays
7: 1991 Atlanta Braves; 1967 Boston Red Sox; 1969 New York Mets
6: 2015 New York Mets; 1993 Philadelphia Phillies
5: 1945 Chicago Cubs; 2003 Florida Marlins
3: 1918 Chicago Cubs; 2002 Anaheim Angels

  • If the Mets should rebound from their 2-0 deficit and win the 2015 World Series, they would become the 11th team in MLB history (since 1969) to win a World Series after not making the playoffs in four or more of their previous seasons. The Minnesota Twins top this category; they won the 1987 World Series after missing the post-season in the 16 previous seasons. Had they made it to the World Series this year and won the title, the Toronto Blue Jays could have broken this record. The Blue Jays had gone 21 seasons prior to this year without making the playoffs. Here’s a look at the 10 teams that had four or more seasons not making the playoffs the years prior to winning the World Series. (Note: Does not include teams that won the World Series prior to 1969 when only two teams made it to the World Series each year.)

Consecutive years not making the post-season prior to winning the World Series (since 1969)
16: 1987 Minnesota Twins
15: 2002 Los Angeles Angels
13: 1982 St. Louis Cardinals
12: 1986 New York Mets
11: 1984 Detroit Tigers
10: 1970 Cincinnati Reds
7: 1969 New York Mets
5: 2003 Florida Marlins
4: 2005 Chicago White Sox; 1997 Florida Marlins

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