Milwaukee Brewers home runs… by the alphabet


Ryan Braun passed Robin Yount last season for the most career home runs with the Brewers. Braun now holds the team record with 255 career HRs with the Brewers; Yount had 251.

Keeping on the topic of home runs, do you think you could answer which Brewers player has the most career home runs based on the first letter of the last name? Only one letter of the alphabet is not represented among Brewers players… you guessed it, X.

How many of these would you have gotten right?

A: Hank Aaron, 22
B: Ryan Braun, 255
C: Cecil Cooper, 201
D: Rob Deer, 137
E: Johnny Estrada, 10
F: Prince Fielder, 230
G: Carlos Gomez, 87
H: Corey Hart, 154
I: Travis Ishikawa, 4
J: Geoff Jenkins, 212
K: George Kottaras, 17
L: Sixto Lezcano, 102
M: Paul Molitor, 160
N: Dave Nilsson, 105
O: Ben Oglivie, 176
P: Darrell Porter, 54
Q: Jamie Quirk, 3
R: Aramis Ramirez, 65
S: Richie Sexson, 133
T: Gorman Thomas, 208
U: Tim Unroe, 2
V: Greg Vaughn, 169
W: Rickie Weeks, 148
X: (None)
Y: Robin Yount, 251
Z: Gregg Zaun, 2

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