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NBA numbers: 40 victories in their first 50 games


For the second consecutive year, two NBA teams reached the 50-game mark in an NBA season with 40 or more wins. This year the Golden State Warriors (46 wins) and the San Antonio Spurs (42) reached that mark. Last year it was the Warriors (41) and the Atlanta Hawks (41). Two teams reaching 40 victories in their first 50 games in the same season has happened four other times in NBA history: 2006, 2005, 1985 and 1981.

The Spurs and Warriors this year became the 28th and 29th teams in NBA history to reach 40 wins in their first 50 games. Of the previous 27 teams, 14 won the NBA title that year. The Warriors, with their 46 wins in 50 games this season, tied the NBA mark of the 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers who also won 46 of their first 50 games.

Here’s a breakdown of the 27 teams prior to this season that had 40 victories in their first 50 games. (The year listed is the year the playoffs started that season).

46 wins: 1967 Philadelphia (won title)

45 wins: 1996 Chicago (won title)

44 wins: 1997 Chicago (won title)

43 wins: 1972 L.A. Lakers (won title); 1983 Philadelphia (won title)

42 wins: 1965 Boston (won title); 1978 Portland (lost in Western Conf. semis); 2011 San Antonio (lost in Western Conf. first round)

41 wins: 1971 Milwaukee (won title); 1973 Boston (los in Eastern Conf. finals); 1981 Boston (won title); 1981 Philadelphia (lost in Eastern Conf. finals); 1985 Boston (lost in NBA Finals); 1986 Boston (won title); 1988 L.A. Lakers (won title); 1991 Portland (lost in Western Conf. finals); 1992 Chicago (won title); 2006 Detroit (lost in Eastern Conf. finals); 2007 Dallas (lost in Western Conf. first round); 2008 Boston (won title); 2009 Boston (lost in Eastern Conf. finals); 2009 L.A. Lakers (won title); 2015 Atlanta (lost in Eastern Conf. finals); 2015 Golden State (won title).

40 wins: 1985 Philadelphia (lost in Eastern Conf. finals); 2006 San Antonio (lost in Western Conf. semis); 2012 Chicago (lost in Eastern Conf. first round).

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