Inside the Numbers: QBs with 30+ TD passes who were sacked 30+ times

Favre and Rodgers rank 1-2 in most seasons with 30 TD passes and 30 sacks

Favre and Rodgers rank 1-2 in most seasons with 30 TD passes and 30 sacks

In baseball, players who are 30-30 players are those who slugged 30 or more home runs and stole 30 or more bases. Two positive stats that help define an all-around offensive threat on the baseball diamond.

Let’s take a look at a different 30-30 player, one in the sport of football: A 30-30 quarterback who passed for 30 or more TDs in a season while being sacked that season 30 or more times by the opposition.

In 2015 there were eight 30-30 QBs. That was the most in a season since there were four who reached those numbers in 2011. The eight in 2015:

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville, 35 TDs-51 sacks
Tom Brady, New England, 36 TDs-38 sacks
Drew Brees, New Orleans, 32 TDs-31 sacks
Derek Carr, Oakland, 32 TDs-31 sacks
Cam Newton, Carolina, 35 TDs, 33 sacks
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 31 TDs-46 sacks
Matthew Stafford, Detroit, 32 TDs-44 sacks
Russell Wilson, Seattle, 34 TDs-45 sacks

Four of the above QBs (Bortles, Carr, Newton and Wilson) reached these numbers for the first time in their careers. Brady, Brees and Stafford did it for the second time each, while Green Bay’s Rodgers was a 30-30 QB for the fourth time in his career. That leaves him just one season behind his predecessor, Brett Favre, who had five 30-30 seasons in his Hall of Fame career.

The 30-30 mark has been reached 44 times in NFL history by 26 quarterbacks. As mentioned above, Favre and Rodgers top the list with five and four seasons respectively. Philip Rivers is next with three 30-30 seasons.

Here’s a few more stats on these 30-30 QBs:

  • Favre was the oldest QB to have a 30-30 season. He was 40 years old in 2009 when he had 33 TD passes and 34 sacks for the Minnesota Vikings.
  • In 27 of the 44 seasons the 30-30 QBs played on teams that won 10 or more games.
  • Nineteen of the 44 QBs had a Quarterback Rating of 100 or higher in that season.
  • The first 30-30 QBs were Dan Fouts (30 TDs-32 sacks) and Steve Bartkowski (31 TDs-35 sacks) in 1980.
  • Four undrafted QBs had at least one 30-30 season in their careers: Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Warren Moon and Dave Krieg.

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