Packers Numbers Crunches-Game #1


Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 27-23 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 11.

  • The win over Jacksonville now gives the Pack a 7-7 record in games in Florida since 2000. They are now 30-34 (.469 winning percentage) in games in the Eastern time zone since 2000.
  • Aaron Rodgers scored the 22nd rushing TD of his career. The Pack is 12-9 in games when Rodgers has one (or more) rushing TD. In games where he has two or more passing TD’s and one or more rushing TD in the same game, the team is 7-3.
  • Green Bay scored first in the road game and has now won five straight and nine of their last 11 when they score first as the road team.
  • Clay Matthews had a sack in the contest. The Packers are 36-14-1 when Matthews gets a sack in the game.
  • Jordy Nelson got his first TD reception since December 14, 2014. The importance of Nelson to the Packers offense is certainly revealed in this stat: the Pack is 32-6 in games when Nelson has a TD reception… even better yet, they team has now won 16 straight in games where Nelson catches a TD pass.
  • Green Bay had a 21-17 lead at halftime. The team is 17-3 in their last 20 games when they score 20 or more points by halftime as the road team.
  • Rodgers two TD passes was the 80th time in his career that he had two or more TD passes in a game. Green Bay is 64-16 in those games (.800 winning percentage).
  • The Pack has now won 11 straight when they have the lead going into the fourth quarter on the road. Since 2000, the team is 61-15 (.802 winning percentage) when they have the lead going into the fourth quarter as the road team.
  • Running back Eddie Lacy ran the ball 14 times for 61 yards. Green Bay is 20-6-1 in games when Lacy gains 60 or more yards rushing in a game, and they are 19-7-1 when Lacy gets 14 or more rushing attempts in a contest.
  • The Packers did not have a turnover in the game. Since 2010, they are 29-4-1 (.868 winning percentage) in games when they do not have a turnover. They have won 14 of their last 16 games when they have zero turnovers.
  • Rodgers was sacked only once in the game. Green Bay has won 18 of their last 21 when Rodgers is sacked once or zero times in a game.
  • Jacksonville gained only 48 yards rushing in the game. The Pack is 18-2 since 2000 when they hold the opposition under 50 yards rushing in a game.
  • Both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb had six receptions. The Pack is 19-5 when Jordy has six or more catches in a game; they are 17-7 in games when Randall has six or more receptions in a contest.
  • Green Bay is now 21-6 (.778 winning percentage) since 2010 in road games when they score 25 or more points in a game. In all games since 2010 when they score 25-plus, they are 52-7-1 (.867).
  • The Packers scored in each of the four quarters in the game. They have now won 13 straight when they score in every quarter of a game, and have now when eight straight when they score in every quarter of a game on the road.

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