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Indians 19th team in history to have two shutout wins in World Series


With their 1-0 win over the Cubs last night to take a 2-1 lead in the series, the Cleveland Indians did something that has been pretty rare in World Series history: They have now pitched a shutout in two of the first three games and became the 19th team in history to win two or more games in the World Series by shutout, In addition, the Tribe is only the sixth team in World Series history to win two of the first three games in a World Series by shutout.

All total, there have been 118 shutouts in World Series history. Of the 18 teams that had two or more shutouts in a World Series, 13 went on to win the World Series that season, five did not. That is not good news for the Chicago Cubs.

Let’s look at the 19 teams that have pitched two or more shutouts in a World Series year.

2016: Cleveland (2/to date)
2012: San Francisco (2)
2010: San Francisco (2)
1966: Baltimore (3)
1965: Los Angeles Dodgers (3)
1961: New York Yankees (2)
1960: New York Yankees (2)
1959: Chicago White Sox (2)
1958: New York Yankees (2)
1957: Milwaukee Braves (2)
1956:  New York Yankees (2)
1945: Chicago Cubs (2)
1921: New York Yankees (2)
1920: Cleveland (2)
1919: Cincinnati (2)
1917: New York Giants (2)
1908: Chicago Cubs (2)
1905: New York Giants (4)
1903: Boston (2)

The Indians will be looking to become the only the fourth team in World Series history to win three or more World Series games by shutout (1966-Baltimore, 1965-L.A. Dodgers, 1905-N.Y. Giants). Each of these teams won the World Series that year.

As noted above, five teams were shutout twice in a World Serioes yet went on to win the title that year… that is certainly what the Cubs are hoping for. The last time it happened was in 1960 when the Yankees pitching staff shutout the Pirates in Games #3 and #6, yet the Pirates won Game #7 to win the championship. The other teams to win a World Series after being shutout in two of the games were the 1959 L.A. Dodgers, the 1945 Detroit Tigers, the 1921 N.Y Giants and the 1917 Chicago White Sox.

One final tidbit: Did you that the last team to lose two of the first three games of a World Series by a shutout to go on and win the World Series were the 1945 Detroit Tigers. Their oppponent in that series? The Cubs!

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