When was the last season your NFL team had a four-game losing streak?


With their loss to the Washington Redskins last Sunday, 42-24, the Green Bay Packers have now lost four games in a row this season, the first time that has happened since they lost five straight in 2008.

The New England Patriots have the longest time since a four-game losing streak in the NFL. The last time the Pats lost four straight was in 2002, almost 14 seasons ago. The second longest stretch now belongs to the Seattle Seahawks. They last lost four straight in 2009 when they ended the season with four consecutive defeats.

Here’s a look at the last season each NFL team lost four straight in a season.

2002: New England
2009: Seattle
2010: Denver
2011: Buffalo, Indianapolis
2012: Arizona, Cincinnati, Philadelphia
2013: Houston, Miami
2014: Chicago, N.Y. Giants, Oakland, Washington
2015: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Tennessee
2016: Baltimore, Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, Jacksonville, L.A. Rams, Minnesota, N.Y. Jets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

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