Is a 10-game winning streak during the season a direct path to the Super Bowl?


After a season-opening 20-19 loss to the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys have won 10 straight games. They have the best record in the NFC and the NFL and could secure home field advantage for the playoffs.

With their 31-26 Thanksgiving Day win over the Washington Redskins the Cowboys got their 10th consecutive win of the season. They became the 37th team in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) to win 10 or more consecutive games in a single season in the NFL.

Looking at the previous 36 teams to win 10 straight (or more) in a season in the league, we see that more than half (19 to be exact) went on to play in the Super Bowl that season and 12 won the big game. That’s good news for Jerry Jones’ squad as they hope to turn this regular season success into a little success in the post-season. It has been two decades since the Cowboys played in the Super Bowl (they won Super Bowl XXX over Pittsburgh on January 28, 1996).

Let’s take a look at the 36 teams that won 10 or more straight games in a single season since 1966 (prior to the Cowboys this season) and which of those teams advanced to the conference title game or the Super Bowl.

Won 10 straight in a season
Oakland, 1967 (lost Super Bowl)
Miami, 1973 (won Super Bowl)
Minnesota, 1975
Oakland, 1976 (won Super Bowl)
Denver, 1984
New York Giants, 1990 (won Super Bowl)
San Francisco, 1994 (won Super Bowl)
Indianapolis, 2006 (won Super Bowl)
San Diego, 2006
Tennessee, 2008
Kansas City, 2015
New England, 2015 (lost in the conference championship)

Won 11 straight in a season
Los Angeles Rams, 1969
Pittsburgh, 1975 (won Super Bowl)
Miami, 1984 (lost Super Bowl)
San Francisco, 1990 (lost in conference championship)
Washington, 1991 (won Super Bowl)
Houston Oilers, 1993
San Francisco, 1997 (lost in the conference championship)
Indianapolis, 1999
Jacksonville, 1999 (lost in conference championship)
Seattle, 2005 (lost Super Bowl)
San Diego, 2009
Denver, 2012

Won 12 straight in a season
Minnesota, 1969 (lost Super Bowl)
Chicago, 1985 (won Super Bowl)
New England, 2003 (won Super Bowl)

Won 13 straight in a season
Indianapolis, 2005
New Orleans, 2009 (won Super Bowl)
Green Bay, 2011

Won 14 straight in a season
Miami, 1972 (won Super Bowl)
Denver, 1998 (won Super Bowl)
Pittsburgh, 2004 (lost in conference championship game)
Indianapolis, 2009 (lost Super Bowl)
Carolina, 2015 (lost Super Bowl)

Won 16 straight in a season
New England, 2007 (lost Super Bowl)

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