Tapper Tuesdays… NFL Stats: Top 10 picks in the NFL Draft

The NFL off-season is in full swing… the free agent signing period over the last week has brought about a lot of action as players are finding new teams (and teams are finding new players), and although the NFL Draft is a month away, Mock Drafts are a major topic on NFL, and individual team, websites.

The NFL Draft is one way that teams can change their fortunes in a quick way. Let’s look at one element of the drafting process: Which position players are most often chosen within the first 10 picks of the draft? Is it quarterbacks, the high-profile glamour position that certainly gets a lot of attention? Or, is there another position that is the target of those selecting one of the first 10 college players in the first round?

Well, if you said that QBs are the most frequent position chosen in the Top 10 picks of the NFL Draft, you are wrong! QB’s ranked second, but the most frequent position player chosen in the top 10 picks of the NFL Draft over the past seven years are offensive tackles. In the last seven drafts (2010 to 2016) there were 13 offensive tackles chosen with the top 10 picks in the draft.

Here’s a look at how many players were chosen (by position) with the first 10 picks in the last seven NFL drafts.

Offensive Tackles, 13
Quarterbacks, 12
Defensive Backs, 10
Linebackers, 9
Wide Receivers, 8
Defensive Ends, 7
Running Backs, 4
Defensive Tackles, 4
Offensive Guards, 2
Tight Ends, 1
Centers, 0

Based on the Top 10 picks in the NFL Draft since 2010 (a total of 70 selections), there have been 40 offensive players and 30 defensive players.

Note: At least one offensive tackle has been chosen within the first 10 picks in 11 straight drafts, the longest streak of any of the positions. Linebackers are next; there has been at least one linebacker chosen in the first 10 picks in nine straight drafts.

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