MLB players with most career at-bats with 0, 1, 2, 3 career home runs

One of my all-time favorite stats involves former Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants second baseman Duane Kuiper. The fact that Kuiper is from my hometown (Racine, WI) and that we attended the same junior college (Indiana Hills Community College in Centerville, Iowa) certainly adds an special reason for loving this numbers tidbit.

If you are a well-versed baseball fan, you might know that Kuiper had 3,379 at-bats in a MLB career that ran from 1974-85 and that he had only one career home run, a blast off of Steve Stone. His 3,379 career at-bats are the most of any player in history with only one career home run.

Let’s take this stat and expand the parameters a little. Following are the players with the most career at-bats with no home runs, one HR, two homers, and three home runs. Most of the players on these lists played prior to 1970, and most are pitchers. Also listed are the career years for each player on the list.

Most at-bats with no career home runs
Jack McCarthy, 2233 (1901-07)
Tom Oliver, 1,931 (1930-33)
Irv Hall, 1904 (1943-46)
Roxy Walters, 1,426 (1915-25)
Don Sutton, 1,354 (1966-86)
Active leader: Johnny Cueto, 471

Most at-bats with one career HR
Duane Kuiper, 3,379 (1974-85)
Emil Verban, 2,911 (1944-50)
Johnny Bassler, 2,319 (1913-27)
Floyd Baker, 2,280 (1943-55)
Woody Woodward, 2,187 (1963-71)
Active leader: Cole Hamels, 618

Most at-bats with two career home runs
Al Bridwell, 4,169 (1905-15)
Tommy Thevenow, 4,164 (1924-38)
Frank Taveras, 4,043 (1971-82)
Jimmy Slagle, 3,832 (1901-08)
Johnny Cooney, 3,372 (1921-44)
Active leader: Christian Vazquez, 392

Most at-bats with three career homers
Nemo Leibold, 4,167 (1913-25)
Active leader: Pete Kozma, 632


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