Today’s Sports Stat-June 27, 2017


Milwaukee Bucks rookie Malcolm Brogdon last night was chosen as the 2016-17 NBA Rookie of the Year. He is only the second Bucks player to win the honor… Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the award in 1969-70.

Three interesting stats regarding Brogdon’s selection:

  1. He averaged 26.4 minutes per game. That is the fewest of any ROY recipient in league history. Mike Miller won the award with Orlando in 2001 and averaged 29.1 minutes per game, the fewest for a ROY award winner prior to Brogdon.
  2. Brogdon, at age 24, is one of only three ROY award winners to win the award at age 24 (the oldest age to win a ROY). The others: David Robinson (1990) and Elgin Baylor (1959). Since 2000, 11 of the 19 ROY winners were under the age 21.
  3. Brogdon averaged 10.2 points per game for the Bucks in his first season, the lowest points per game of a ROY recipient in NBA history.




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