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Today’s Sports Stat-July 17, 2017

How important is it for a team to hit a home run in a major league game?

At this point in the 2017 season, MLB teams are 246-580 in games when they do not hit a home run. That’s a paltry .298 winning percentage.

The San Francisco Giants have the most games this year without a home run with 45. The Houston Astros have the fewest games without a home run, 16.

Twenty-six of the 30 MLB teams have a winning record in games when they do hit a home run. The four teams that are under .500 in games when they have one or more HR: New York Mets, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Of the six teams that have at least one home run in 70 or more games this season, three are leading their division… L.A. Dodgers. Milwaukee and Houston.