40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff-August 3 (#38)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

You have probably heard one or more NFL analysts opine that teams in the league need to make sure they have a balanced attack on the offensive side of the ball… a solid running game and a dynamic passing game.

Last year just under 69% of the offensive yardage gained by NFL teams was via passing. Not a very balanced attack, if you ask me. But, let’s take a look at last year’s numbers and see which teams might have fit the “balanced attack” mode.

In 2016, nine teams averaged over 100 yards rushing per game and 250 yards passing per contest. The Packers were one of nine teams to fit into this stat category. The nine teams:

Team (Ave rush yds./game…Ave, pass yds./game)
Arizona 108.3…258.5
Atlanta 120.5…295.3
Green Bay 106.3…262.4
Indianapolis 101.8… 262.6
New England 117.0…269.3
New Orleans 108.9…317.1
Oakland 120.1…253.2
Pittsburgh 110.0…262.6
Washington 106.0…297.4

Here’s the interesting thing about the above nine teams that averaged 100 yards per game rushing and 250 yards per game passing:

  • Five of the nine made the playoffs
  • The combined win-loss record of the above nine teams was 88-54-2 (a .618 winning percentage). The other 23 NFL teams were a combined 166-200-2 (.454 winning percentage).

Fifteen other NFL teams averaged 100 or more yards rushing but did not average 250 or more yards passing per contest; four NFL teams averaged over 250 yards passing per game last season but did not average 100 yards rushing in 2016

Does averaging 100 yards per game rushing and 250 yards per game passing lead to success in the NFL? I’ll let you decide that.


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