Today’s Sports Stat-August 5, 2017

Last night Brewers starting pitcher Brandon Woodruff made his major league debut and got the victory in the team’s 2-0 victory over Tampa Bay. Woodruff pitched 6.1 innings, with no earned runs surrendered.

Woodruff became the fourth Brewers pitcher in team history to make his major league debut with the Brewers, pitch six or more innings, give up zero earned runs, and get the win. The others: Jim Slaton (April 14, 1971), Steve Woodard (July 28, 1997) and Chris Saenz (April 24, 2004).

Here’s an interesting fact about Saenz’s game on April 24, 2004: It was his first and only career start in the majors. He is the only pitcher since 1900 to pitch six or more innings, give up no earned runs and get the win in his only career MLB start.




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