Today’s Sports Stat-August 7, 2017

Brewers’ pitcher Zach Davies has a team-leading 13 wins with five losses. He also currently carries a 7-0 record in road games.

Whether or not Davies ends the season undefeated in road games is still weeks away, but it’s interesting to note that in MLB history there have been only nine pitchers who finished the season at least a 7-0 record in road games. Topping the list is Greg Maddux who went 13-0 in away games in 1995.

Here are the nine pitchers with undefeated road records of 7-0 or better in a season in the majors.

Diasuke Matsuzaka, 2008, 9-0
Jorge Sosa, 2005, 9-0
Greg Maddux, 1995, 13-0
Jimmy Key, 1994, 10-0
Steve Trachsel, 1994, 8-0
Bob Moore, 1969, 7-0
Eddie Yuhas, 1952, 9-0
Larry Jansen, 1947, 9-0
Tom Zachary, 1929, 9-0

The best undefeated season on the road for any Brewers’ pitcher is 3-0. Seven different Milwaukee hurlers went 3-0 in a season; the last to go 3-0 on the road in a season was Jeremy Jeffress in 2015.


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