Today’s Sports Stat-August 12, 2017

You would think that scoring 10 runs in a game would surely equate to a victory in the major leagues. Just ask the Brewers… that’s not always the case.

The Brewers scored 10 runs last night but were defeated by the Cincinnati Reds 11-10. It was the first time since April 21, 2015 that the Brew crew lost a game when they scored 10 runs; they lost to the same Reds on that day 16-10.

Since 1969, the Brewers franchise has lost 33 games when they scored 10 or more runs. They have won 471 games with 10+ runs, meaning they have a winning percentage of .935 when they tally 10 or more runs in a contest.

The Brewers’ loss last night was the 11th time this season that a team lost when scoring 10 runs (the Angels are the only team to have lost two games this way in 2017). The record for most games lost when scoring 10 or more runs in a season is five, held by Seattle and Colorado in 1999. In fact, the MLB season with the most games lost by a team when they scored 10+ runs in a game is 41 in 1999.

Since 2013, MLB teams that score 10 or more runs in a game are 1432-45 (a .970 winning percentage).





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