40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff-August 16 (#24)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

The Packers and New England Patriots could make a little history this year if both (or either team) can make it to the playoffs.

Since 1966 (the start of the Super Bowl era), there have been 17 teams that have made the playoffs in six or more consecutive seasons. Leading the way are the Indianapolis Colts, who made the playoffs in nine straight seasons from 2002-10, and the Dallas Cowboys, who also made a post-season appearance in nine consecutive years from 1975-83. Both the Packers and Patriots are on current streaks of making the playoffs in eight straight years and could join the Colts and Cowboys atop this list if they make the playoffs this season.

Here’s a look at the 17 franchises that have made the playoffs in six or more consecutive seasons (since 1966):

Nine straight playoff appearances: Dallas (1975-83); Indianapolis (2002-10)

Eight straight playoff appearances: Dallas (1966-73); L.A. Rams (1973-80); Pittsburgh (1972-79); San Francisco (1983-90); Green Bay (2009-16); New England (2009-16)

Seven straight playoff appearances: Houston Oilers (1987-93); San Francisco (1972-78)

Six straight playoff appearances: Buffalo (1988-93); Dallas (1991-96); Green Bay (1993-98); Kansas City (1990-95); Minnesota (1973-78); Oakland Raiders (1972-77); Pittsburgh (1992-97)


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