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Today’s Sports Stat-August 19, 2017

Seattle’s Nelson Cruz slugged his 30th HR of the season yesterday, the fourth consecutive year that he has hit 30 or more home runs in a season (he has a current streak of three consecutive seasons with 40 home runs).

He may, however, have his eye on reaching 40 for the 2017 season. If he can reach 40 HRs by the end of this year, he would not only become the 26th player in MLB history to have four 40-HR seasons, but he would also become only the 15th player in baseball history to have four consecutive 40-HR seasons.

Babe Ruth tops the list of 40-HR seasons with 11, followed by Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Harmon Killebrew and Hank Aaron with eight.

Ruth also holds the record for most consecutive 40-HR seasons with seven. Here are the 15 players who have hit 40 home runs in four or more consecutive seasons.

7: Babe Ruth

6: Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa

5: Barry Bonds, Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey, Jr., Ralph Kiner, Duke Snider

4: Ernie Banks, Ryan Howard, Harmon Killebrew, Mark McGwire, Albert Pujols, Jim Thome





40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff-August 19 (#22)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

Since the 2002 season when the NFL went to four divisions per conference with four teams in each division, the AFC East has been represented most in the conference championship games. Of course it helps that the New England Patriots, a team from the AFC East Division, has been to the AFC Conference Championship Game 10 times from 2002-16.

In somewhat of a surprise, the NFC division since 2002 with the most teams in the conference championship game has been the NFC South, with each of the four teams in that division (Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa Bay) appearing in the NFC Conference Championship Game at least once since 2002. The NFC South is the only conference to have each of its four teams appear in a conference title game at least once since 2002.

Following are the number of appearances in the AFC and NFC conference title games for each of the NFL’s 32 teams.

AFC East New England, 10 New York Jets, 2 Buffalo, 0 Miami, 0

AFC North Pittsburgh, 5 Baltimore, 2 Cincinnati, 0 Cleveland, 0

AFC South Indianapolis, 4 Tennessee, 1 Houston, 0 Jacksonville, 0

AFC West Denver, 3 Oakland, 1 San Diego, 1 Kansas City, 0

NFC East Philadelphia, 4 New York Giants, 2 Dallas, 0 Washington, 0

NFC North Green Bay 4 Chicago, 2 Minnesota, 1 Detroit, 0

NFC South Atlanta, 3 Carolina, 3 New Orleans, 2 Tampa Bay, 1

NFC West San Francisco, 3 Seattle, 3 Arizona, 2 L.A. Rams, 0