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Today’s Sports Stat-August 21, 2017

The Oakland A’s defeated the Houston Astros 3-2 yesterday in a game where they (the A’s) were not credited with an RBI. The A’s scored their three runs on two throwing errors and a passed ball.

It was the 505th game in the majors since 1913 that a team won a game without having an RBI in the game.

The MLB record for most runs scored in a win without the benefit of a team RBI is five. On August 11, 1971, the Reds beat Houston 5-1 in a game where they did not have an RBI; on July 2, 1948, the Cubs defeated the Pirates by the same score of 5-1 in a contest where they did not have an RBI.

Seven teams won games where they scored four runs without an RBI; there have also been 25 games where a team scored three runs without an RBI since 1913. There have been 352 games since 1913 when a team won 1-0 and no RBI was credited for the lone run scored.





40 Packers Stats Until Kickoff-August 21 (#20)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

For the third consecutive season, the Packers had a player gain 300 or more yards rushing and 300 or more yards receiving in the same season. Ty Montgomery had 457 rushing yards and 348 receiving yards in 2016. James Starks reached 300-300 in 2015; Eddie Lacy did it in 2014.

Sixteen different Packers players have reached the 300-300 rushing/receiving stat in the club’s history, accomplishing it 30 times. Leading the way is Ahman Green who did it five times in his career with the Pack. Donny Anderson and Gerry Ellie each did it four times with the Packers, while Edgar Bennett did it in three seasons.

Bennett and Ellis are the only two Packers to have a 600-600 season (600 yards rushing and 600 yards receiving) for Green Bay. Ellis in 1983 had 696 yards rushing and 603 yards receiving; Bennett in 1995 rushed for 1067 yards and added 648 yards receiving to his stat line.

If we look at career numbers, the Packers have three players who reached the 2000-2000 stat in rushing yards and receiving yards in their career with Green Bay. They are:
Dorsey Levens, 3937 rushing yards, 2079 receiving yards
Ahman Green, 8322 rushing yards, 2726 receiving yards
Gerry Ellis, 3826 rushing yards, 2514 receiving yards.