40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff-August 27 (#14)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

The Packers and Denver were tied 10-10 at halftime in their preseason game last night. The Broncos went on to win the game 20-17.

In the Mike McCarthy era (from 2006-current), the Packers have not been a very good team when a game is tied at halftime. Since McCarthy took over the helm in ’06, the team is 3-7 (.300 winning percentage) in games that are tied at halftime. They are 2-4 on the road and 1-3 in those games. In fact, the Packers have lost seven of their last eight games when the game was tied at halftime.

Here are the winning percentages of each of the 32 NFL team in games that were tied at halftime (2006-16).

Cincinnati, .875; Minnesota, .846.

Detroit, .778; Arizona, .733; Denver, .700.

Atlanta, .667; Carolina, .667; Indianapolis, .667; Houston, .600.

Dallas, .571; San Diego, .571; Tennessee, .556; Oakland, .556; New England, .538; Pittsburgh, .538; New York Giants, .500.

Buffalo, .455; Jacksonville, .444; Miami, .429; Philadelphia, .429; Baltimore, .417; San Francisco, .417; New Orleans, .400.

Chicago, .389; Washington, .368; Los Angeles Rams, .364; New York Jets, .357; Cleveland, .333; Green Bay, .300.

Seattle, .214

Kansas City, .167; Tampa Bay, .143


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