Toda’s Sports Stat: October 16, 2017

For the second time in three years, the New Orleans Saints have won a game where the combined number of points scored by the two teams was 90 or more.

The Saints defeated the Detroit Lions on Sunday 52-38 (90 total points scored). It was the first NFL regular season game with 90+ points since 2015 when the Saints beat the New York Giants 52-49 (101 points).

This was the 12th regular season game with 90 or more points in a game since the AFL-NFL merger of 1970. The Saints also became the fifth team since 1970 to play in two 90-point regular season games. The Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets have both played in three such games. Cleveland, San Diego, and now New Orleans, have played in two of these 90-point games. For the record, the Jets won each of their three games, and Chargers and Saints both won their two contests.





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