Today’s Sports Stat: October 17, 2017

Did you notice anything different about the Houston Astros 2-1 win over the Yankees on Saturday, October 14? They didn’t use any of their bullpen!

Justin Verlander tossed the first complete game of the 2017 playoffs in the Astros’ Game #2 win over the Yanks. It was only the 16th complete game in the post-season since 2010. Last season there were three complete games in the MLB playoffs.

Verlander is one of 12 pitchers to have a complete game in the post-season since 2010; he also had one in 2012. Madison Baumgarner tops the list with three post-season complete games since 2010; Johnny Cueto is the only other pitcher since 2010 to have two playoff complete games.

The last time there were no complete games in the post-season was in 2008. The most complete games in a post-season were in 1921 and 1981… there were 11 in each of those playoff seasons.





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