Today’s Sports Stat: October 19, 2017

On Sunday, Brett Hundley will become the fourth quarterback not named Aaron Rodgers to start a game at QB for the Packers since 2008.

There have been 150 regular season games played by the Pack since the start of the 2008 season, the year Rodgers became the starting QB (taking over for Brett Favre). Since then, Rodgers has started 141 regular season games. Matt Flynn started six games at QB for the Packers; Scott Tolzien started two, and Seneca Wallace started one game for the Pack at QB since the ’08 campaign.

The Packers can only hope that Hundley has better luck in his first start for the Packers than the previous three signal-callers. Flynn’s first start at QB replacing Rodgers was on December 19, 2010. The team lost to the Bears 37-24. In that game, Flynn was 24-for-37 for 251 yards, with three TD passes and one interception. His Passer Rating was 100.2 in that game.

Wallace’s first start as a Packer QB was on November 10, 2013. It didn’t last long. Wallace sustained a groin injury in the first quarter of the game, which ended up being a 27-13 loss to the eagles. Wallace was five-for-five in the game for 25 yards with a Passer Rating of 87.5. Wallace had previously started 21 games in his career (14 with the Seahawks and seven with the Browns). Ironically, that start with the Pack was Wallace’s last game in the NFL.

Tolzien started his first game at QB for the Packers just one week after Wallace’s start (on November 17, 2013). The Packers lost that contest 27-13 to the New York Giants. Tolzien was 24-for-34 for 339 yards in the game; he did, however, have three interceptions and no TD passes. His Passer Rating was 65.7 in the game.

Will Hundley’s first career start against the New Orleans Saints have a different result than the three QBs who started their first games in relief of Aaron Rodgers? Packers Nation are just hoping for a “W” in the game.






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