Today’s Sports Stat: November 21, 2017

Last week Major League Baseball announced its MVP recipients for the 2017 season. In the National League, Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton was selected, while in the American League, Jose Altuve won the award. Both were first-time winners.

Stanton was the first Marlins player to ever win an MVP Award. That leaves the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Mets as the only N.L. teams without a league MVP honor. Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt finished third in this year’s voting; the Mets did not have a player in the Top 20 of this year’s voting… Yoenis Cespedes finished eighth in the N.L. MVP balloting in 2016.

Altuve became the second Houston Astros player to win the MVP Award, although he is the first Houston player to win the American League MVP honor. Jeff Bagwell won the N.L. MVP Award in 1994 as a member of the Astros when the team was in the National League.

The Tampa Bay Rays are the only A.L. team without a player winning the A.L. MVP. The Rays did not have a player finish in the Top 20 of the A.L. MVP voting this past season; the Rays’ Evan Longoria finished in 19th place in the voting in 2016.


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