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Today’s Sports Stat: November 22, 2017

A pair of NFL teams (Green Bay and Oakland) in Week #11 went into the locker room at halftime with a big, fat zero on the scoreboard. The Packers eventually lost 23-0 to Baltimore, while the Raiders lost to New England 33-8.

NFL teams this season are 2-24 (.077 winning percentage) in games where they do not score in the first half.

Let’s take a look at this stat going back to the 2010 season. Since 2010, NFL teams are 40-252-1 (.138) in regular season contests when they do not score a point in the first half. Three teams have had the most games of this nature since 2010… the Dolphins, Rams and Titans, each with 15 games. The Raiders are next on this list with 14 games, followed by the Ravens (13), Giants, Bears, Texans and Bucs (each with 12) and Minnesota with 11.

The New Orleans Saints have the fewest games since 2010 where they were scoreless at halftime with only two. Division-mates Atlanta is second with only four games. The only team with a winning percentage of .500 or above in games where they were held scoreless in the first half is New England; they are 3-3 (.500) in such games.

The Miami Dolphins have the most games this season where they haven’t scored in the first half with four.


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