Today’s Sports Stat: November 24, 2017



There was a time when going into Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers meant certain defeat for opposing teams… not any more.

With consecutive home losses to Minnesota, New Orleans and Baltimore, the Packers have now lost three consecutive games at home in a season for the first time since 2006. And with a home game against the Tampa Bay Bucs on December 3, a potential fourth loss in a row at home looms large; the last time the Pack lost four straight at home in a season was back in 1991. (For the record, the Pack has never lost five straight at home in a single season!)

The team record for most consecutive losses at home is seven. It happened twice… from December 8, 1985 to November 9, 1986 and from November 21, 1976 to November 27, 1977.

Green Bay is currently 3-3 at home this season with two games remaining (they play the Vikings at Lambeau on December 23 in addition to the upcoming contest versus the Bucs). The last time the Packers finished below .500 at home was in 2006 when they were 3-5 (they also finished 3-5 at home the previous season). Since 1992 (the last 25 seasons), the Packers have finished under .500 at home in only those two seasons, a remarkable stretch of success at home.

A pair of wins in their final two home games would certainly help bring the Lambeau Field mystique back into play, but it’s safe to say that a win for the Packers at home is no longer a given these days.


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