Today’s Sports Stat: December 1, 2017

On Thanksgiving Day, San Diego, I mean, L.A. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had a big game leading his team to a 28-6 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Rivers completed 27-of-33 passes (81.8% completion rate) for 434 yards and three TDs. What makes this game so noteworthy is that it was only the eighth time in NFL history that a QB completed 80% or higher of his passes in a game with over 400 yards passing and three or more TD passes. It was, however, the second such game for Rivers in his career… he did it in 2013. He became the second QB in NFL history to have multiple games where he completed 80% of his passes with 400 yards and three TDs. Ben Roethlisberger has also had two such games in his career.

Here are the six QBs who have thrown for 400+ yards with three or more TDs and a completion rate of 80% or higher in the same game.

Ben Roethlisberger (twice), 2014, 2016
Philip Rivers (twice), 2013,2017
Aaron Rodgers (once), 2013
Drew Brees (once), 2011
Steve Young (once), 1993
Ken O’Brien once), 1986



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