Today’s Sports Stat: December 2, 2017

Tomorrow begins the last full month of the 2017 NFL regular season. Thirty of the NFL’s 32 teams will each play five games in December this year (the Cowboys and Redskins played Thursday night kicking off Week #13 and will each play four December games this season).

Looking back over the past seven seasons, it’s not surprising to see that the New England Patriots have been the NFL’s best December team since 2010. They have a 25-5 record in the last seven seasons in December, a .833 winning percentage. The woeful Cleveland Browns have the worst December winning percentage at .172 (a 5-24 win-loss record).

Following are the December winning percentages for each of the 32 NFL teams from 2010-16.

.833: New England
.759: Green Bay, Pittsburgh
.700: Carolina, Seattle
.633: Indianapolis
.600: Cincinnati, Denver
.586: New Orleans
.567: Arizona, Kansas City
.517: Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore
.500: Minnesota, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco
.484: N.Y. Jets
.467: Chargers
.452: Miami
.448: Detroit
.433: Washington
.400: Buffalo, Houston
.379: Raiders
.367: Rams
.345: Tennessee
.300: Chicago
.267: Jacksonville
.233: Tampa Bay
.172: Cleveland

If we shorten the years to the past three seasons (2014-16) a different team holds the top spot. The Steelers have been the NFL’s best December team the past three seasons with an 11-1 record (.917 winning percentage). They are followed by Green Bay at .833, and Carolina, Kansas City, New England and Seattle, each at .750. The worst December teams over the past three seasons? The Chargers and Bears, each at 2-10 (.167).


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