Today’s Sports Stat: December 6, 2017

In the 16 NFL games in last week’s Week #13, the home team had the lead at halftime in 12 of those games. The home teams eventually won 10 of those 12 games, with the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals the only two home teams to lose after having the lead at halftime.

Since 2010, NFL home teams are 818-203-2 (.801 winning percentage) in games when they have the lead at halftime. Six teams have won over 90 percent of such games in that time frame… The New England Patriots are 45-1 (.978) since 2010 in home games when they have led their opponents at halftime. They are followed by Green Bay (.953), Seattle (.944), Denver (.938), Pittsburgh (.902) and Arizona (.900).

As you might expect, the Cleveland Browns are last in this stat category. The Brownies have a .556 winning percentage in home games when they lead the opposition at halftime.



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