Today’s Sports Stat: December 9, 2017

San Antonio Spurs guard Bryan Forbes earlier this week had a game where he attempted five three-pointers and made all of them. He became the fifth NBA player this season to go five-for-five in three-point attempts in a game.

The NBA record for most three-pointers attempted in a game without a miss is nine. Ben Gordon did it twice, while Latrell Sprewell also accomplished this feat once. Four players went eight-for-eight in three-point attempts in a game: Michael Finley, Jeff Hornacek, Sam Perkins and Steve Smith.

There have been 76 NBA games since 1983-84 where a player took six or more three-point shots and made all of them. Two players, Raja Bell and Sam Perkins, did it three times in their careers, while nine players did it twice in their careers (Mike Bibby, Chauncey Billips, Caron Butler, Ben Gordon, Kyrie Irving, Chuck person, Wesley Person, Mickael Pietrus and Steve Smith).

The last player to attempt six of more three-pointers in a regular season game and make all of them was Memphis’ Vince Carter in a game last March against the Bucks; Carter went six-for-six from the three-point line in that game.

Players going six-for-six (or better) from the three-point line in a playoff game have happened three times; Robert Horry went seven-for-seven for the Lakers in a 1997 playoff contest… Trevor Ariza was six-for-six for Washington in a 2014 post-season game… and Peja Stojakovic was also six-for-six in three-pointers in a 2011 playoff game for the Mavericks.



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