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Today’s Sports Stat: December 28, 2017

I think we can all agree that defense is really important in the NFL. This season, NFL teams have compiled a 161-32 (.834 winning percentage) record when they hold their opponents to under 20 points. That is higher than the winning percentage of .793 of this stat from 2000-16.

Thirteen teams have an unbeaten record this year when they hold their opponents under 20 points. They are:

9-0 Jacksonville, New England, Pittsburgh
8-0 Baltimore, Dallas, New Orleans
6-0 Philadelphia
5-0 Arizona, Washington
4-0 Denver, Detroit, Miami
3-0 Houston

Only two teams are under .500 when they hold the opposition under 20 points, Indianapolis (1-2) and Cleveland (0-4).

The Minnesota Vikings have the most games this season when they hold their opponents under 20 points with 11; they are 10-1 in those games. They are followed by Seattle with 10 games (8-2), and Jacksonville, New England and Pittsburgh, all with nine games (all 9-0).



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