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Today’s Sports Stat: January 2, 2018

Now that we have ripped the 2017 calendar off the wall and replaced it with the 2018 version, how about a baseball stat as a teaser to the next baseball season that will begin in about three months.

The Houston Astros will enter this season as the defending World Champs. But did you know that looking at the MLB team with the most wins this decade (2010-17) that the Astros rank dead last in that category?

The Astros have won 579 this decade ranking 30th of the 30 MLB teams. The Los Angeles Dodgers rank at the top of this list with 721 wins from 2010-17, although they are only one game above the St. Louis Cardinals and only three wins ahead of the New York Yankees.

Following are the total number of wins for each of the 30 MLB teams this decade.

721 L.A. Dodgers
720 St. Louis
718 N.Y. Yankees
704 Washington

698 Texas
680 Boston
674 Tampa Bay
671 Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco
670 Anaheim
656 Atlanta
654 Baltimore, Toronto
645 Oakland
641 Kansas City, Pittsburgh
639 Milwaukee
638 Chicago Cubs
633 Cincinnati
630 N.Y. Mets
626 Arizona, Philadelphia
609 Chicago White Sox
603 San Diego
601 Seattle

590 Colorado
587 Florida
586 Minnesota
579 Houston

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