Today’s Sports Stat: January 4, 2018

Boston Celtics 19-year-old rookie Jason Tatum had 15 points in the Celtics win over Cleveland on January 3. Tatum has now scored 579 points in his rookie season, placing him fourth on the list of most points this season by rookies. He is behind Donovan Mitchell (Utah), who ranks first, Kyle Kuzma (L.A. Lakers) and Ben Simmons (Philadelphia).

Tatum’s 579 points, however, ranks 34th on the all-time list of most points scored by teenagers in the NBA. LeBron James is one of six players who tallied over 1,000 points as a teenager in the league; he had 2,362 career points before he turned 20.

Here are the six teenagers who scored 1,000 or more points in the NBA.

LeBron James, 2,362
Kobe Bryant, 1,759
Carmelo Anthony, 1,725
Kevin Durant, 1,624
Dwight Howard, 1,243
Devin Booker, 1,087

Tatum has an outside chance of joining the above six players with 1,000 points scored as a teenager. He turns 20 on March 3, 2018. The Celtics have 22 games until he turns 20; he needs to score 421 points in those games, an average of 19.1 per game.


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