Today’s Sports Stat: January 15, 2018

Five NFL teams made the playoffs this year but played only one game… losing that contest. The five “one-and-done” teams this year were the L.A. Rams, Kansas City, Buffalo, Carolina and Pittsburgh.

For the Chiefs, it was their sixth “one-and-done” in the playoffs this century. That is not, however, the most of the 32 teams. Both the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts each have had seven “one-and-done” playoffs since 2000.

Following are the number of “one-and-done” for each NFL franchise since 2000.

7: Cincinnati, Indianapolis

6: Kansas City

5: Denver, Green Bay, New York Giants

4: Dallas, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay

3: Atlanta, Carolina, Detroit, Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams, Miami, Minnesota, Philadelphia, San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee, Washington

2: Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, New York Jets, Seattle

1: Arizona, Buffalo, Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, New England, Oakland, San Francisco


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