Today’s Sports Stat: February 1, 2018

In each of the past three Super Bowls, rookies have scored points in the game. Might that be the case this season?

In Super Bowl history, there have been 30 rookies who have scored points in a game. Nine of the 30 players were kickers.

Chicago Bears placekicker Kevin Butler holds the Super Bowl record for most points scored by a rookie in a Super Bowl. He tallied 14 points for the Bears in the 1986 game (Super Bowl XX).

Here are the most points scored by a rookie in a Super Bowl.

14: Kevin Butler, Chicago, 1986
12: Timmy Smith, Washington, 1988
10: Lin Elliott, Dallas, 1993
10: Justin Tucker, Baltimore, 2013
7: Matt Bahr, Pittsburgh, 1980
7: Doug Brien, San Francisco, 1995

In two Super Bowls, multiple rookies scored points for a team. In that ‘86 Super Bowl, the Bears had three rookie players score: Butler, Reggie Phillips and William “The Refrigerator” Perry. In the 1995 Super Bowl, a pair of 49ers rookies scored: William Floyd and Doug Brien.

This year’s Super Bowl teams, the Eagles and Patriots, had very different results from their rookies in the 2017 season. The Eagles’ rookies led by placekicker Jake Elliott, tallied 167 points, 117 by Elliott, 38 by running back Corey Clement, and six points each from Derek Barnett and Mack Hollins. New England, on the other hand, had only two points all season scored by a rookie… a safety by Eric Lee.

For the record, teams that have one or more rookies score points in a Super Bowl game are only 12-15 (.444 winning percentage).


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