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Today’s Sports Stat: February 8, 2018

When we were kids playing sports, a common refrain we would hear from our parents was, “You can’t win every game.” True, right?

Well, there have been a few baseball pitchers who have experienced a time when they didn’t lose a game. In fact, there are a handful of major league pitchers who never lost a game in the majors.

If you haven’t heard of Clay Rapada, you’re probably not alone. Rapada played seven years in the majors from 2007-13 with four different teams (Detroit, Texas, Cleveland and the Chicago Cubs). But what makes Rapada’s MLB career interesting is that he is currently one of the few pitchers in baseball history who never felt the loss of a game. Rapada went 8-0 in his career, the most career wins without a loss in baseball history.

Here are the five pitchers who won four or more career games in the majors without a loss.

8-0 Clay Rapada, 2007-13
6-0 Chris Withrow, 2013-16
5-0 Mike McClendon, 2010-12
4-0 Scott Lewis, 2008-09
4-0 Ben Shields, 1924-31

There are also 20 pitchers whose career win-loss record is 3-0; three of those 20 pitchers played in the majors in 2017.

There have also been seven pitchers who went undefeated in an MLB season with a minimum of nine victories. Left-handed pitcher Tom Zachary tops this list… pitching for the Yankees in 1929, Zachary compiled a 12-0 record for the Bronx Bombers.

Following are the seven pitchers who went 9-0 or better in a MLB season.

12-0 Tom Zachary, 1929, New York Yankees
11-0 Dennis Lamp, 1985, Toronto
10-0 Aaron Small, 2005, New York Yankees
10-0 Howie Kurt, 1941, St. Louis
9-0 Frank DiPino, 1989, St. Louis
9-0 Ken Holtzman, 1967, Chicago Cubs
9-0 Joe Pate, 1926, Philadelphia A’s


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